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Monday @ 8pm


This isn’t your grandma’s BINGO…but it can be if she’s wants a Monday night out. Win cash prizes while having more fun than should be allowed playing bingo.

Tuseday @ 8:30pm

The Most Delco Quizzo

Join an ever evolving cast of increasingly amusing hosts for Delco’s Best Trivia Night. If you’re smart and/or lucky, you’ll be walking away with a gift certificate and some sports memorabilia. Between rounds, there’s an auction. Bid on curios, sports memorabilia, and what ever else comes through the door. You’re welcome to bring your own items to offer up for zero commission.

Wednesday @ 10:30pm

Open Mic Night

Have a song to sing? A joke or story to tell? Bird calls to practice? Stop by on Wednesday and join the fun. Hosted by T. Volpone and his old-timey jazzy/bluesy musical stylings.


Silent Night

When the lovely ladies of Dolan’s Dart team isnt’ shooting at home, it’s a fairly silent night. Nothing happens on Thursday, and there’s a beauty in that.



There’s always something happening on Friday nights. Wether it’s Quizzo, Live Music or Summer Socials, expect a good weekend kickoff in Delco.

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Crock Heads

Free food on Saturdays from 1pm-till it runs out. Chef AJ’s deliciousness lurks in the crock pot on each Saturday afternoon. Help yourself to a lunch, it’s on us!

Sunday 8pm-11pm

Free Tarot Card Readings

How many times can you say “I went to this bar last night and there was a guy in a creepy robe reading tarot cards for free?” None, unless you come to Dolan’s on Sunday and let the resident wizard peep into your soul. Have a drink first, you never know what might happen…

 Wait, there’s more…

More Events

Aside from the regularly scheduled events, we host a slew of seasonal and annual events including: Live Music and Jam Sessions, Wiffle-Ball Madness, Darts, Golf, First Friday Summer Socials, Lenny Dykstra, Fall Fest, St. Paddy’s Day, Dolan’s Tavernacle Choir Sing Along, Kentucky Derby party, as well as a few surprises along the way.

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