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Dolan’s History

Dolan’s is a laid back bar nestled in the small town of Ridley Park, PA. We are the quintessential Irish American Dive Bar. For over 65 years Dolan’s has thrived because of one reason, the great patrons who are just like our family.


Dolan’s Opens






St. Paddy’s Day Celebrations

Why Drink at Dolan’s?

We know you have a lot of choices when when it comes to choosing a bar, so here’s a few reasons to consider stopping by and finding out for yourself why Dolan’s is the only real option. We offer for your convenience and pleasure:


  • An unique and laid back atmosphere that needs to be experienced in order to be understood, home to a diverse multi-generational crowd, the cleanest taps on the East Coast, 7 television screens, 2 dart boards and a handful of friends you didn’t know you had.
  • A wide variety of draft and take out beers, including many craft brews as well as the usual suspects.
  • Take out is available in 6-18 packs, 22oz. and 40oz.
  • A slew of extra curricular activities including: men’s and lady’s darts, lady’s softball, quizzo, open mic night, free tarot card readings and more.
  • We never close early.
  • We really never close early.

The Bar

Over the Years

Pictured: Pat Sr., Irma and PJ Dolan



Dolan’s opens it’s doors and the fun begins. Odd Fact: It was originally twice as big, occupying what is now the R Park Tavern (formally Maury’s).


Generation II

Dolan’s is now an established neighborhood treasure as Pat Dolan Sr. begins the second generation of Dolan’s story. The fun continues unabated for the next few decades.

Generation III

Gen X grabs the reigns as Pat Dolan Jr. (PJ) takes the reigns of the bar, ushering it into the new millennium. Dolan’s popularity grows, eventually winning 2 Most Delco Bar Awards which is sure to appease the ancestors and ensure the bar’s survival for the foreseeable future.
2020 and Beyond

Into the Future

Robot bartenders? A space outpost? Moon Dolan’s? Insta-sober booths? Snapchat? No one know what the future holds, but one thing will be certain- Dolan’s will be here until the sun explodes.

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Some of Our History in Pictures