For the second year in a row, Dolan’s Bar has been voted the “Most Delco Bar” (see video below). We want to give a huge THANKS to everyone who helped us out! No one’s better than you, Dolan’s Nation!

Last year marked the first year that the guys over at Delco Live of RDR Entertainment created an online bar bracket that pitted neighboring watering holes in Delaware County, PA against each other. Dolan’s came out on top after several relentless battles with some hardcore Delco establishments like Tom & Jerry’s, RP McMurphy’s, Cawley’s Irish Pub, McGlone’s Stanley Kup Inn and (of course) Lou Turks.

Gunning for a Repeat in 2019

The game had changed after 2018 and Dolan’s Nation (near and far) were the ones who changed it. Bar owners and patrons started to take notice of the barrage of Facebook activity during “The Most Delco Bar” campaign and were ready to take on the reigning champs.

This time around Dolan’s Nation battled against Monaghan’s, R.P. McMurphy’s, Duffers, The Fainting Goat and finally Marty Magee’s.

The “Big D” Sticks it to Magee’s

The final opponent was Marty Magee’s Irish Pub along with their sister bars the Tumble Inn and John Morton’s (as well as a few counties in Ireland). This was, without a doubt, going to be the toughest matchup of 2019.

Dolan’s Nation, from Tanzania to Tinnicum, showed up big time when needed the most. Employees and patrons of both bars lit up Facebook timelines with a relentless bombardment of memes and videos in an effort to sway those who were undecided, lazy or just plain ol’ DGAF.

Final Hour Shennanigans

There were a few lead changes throughout the matchup, however with one hour to go in the contest, shennanigans were afoot. With Magee’s trailing by around 400 votes, hundreds of fake votes started pouring in eventually giving the edge to Magee’s by a few tenths of one point.

While much of Dolan’s Nation was trying to figure out what happened, Joe Magee was filming his concession video (see below). It was a classy move by our bud, however; when it was all said and done, Dolan’s was the legitamate winner of the “Most Delco Bar” of 2019!


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